Intercultural business consulting for Indian companies by India Coaching & Consulting

  • We help your management tackle the most complex and critical challenges

    India Coaching & Consulting works from strategy to delivery helping you succeed on the unique challenges your company faces. 

  • Bridging India & Germany

    Access new markets and technologies across all industries and profit from full range M&A and financial advisory.

  • On the right course for Germany

    We expedite the market entry of your business in Germany with local knowledge and a global network.


Every business deal requires overcoming constraints, limitations and various concerns. This refers particulary to M&A processes. Considering oversea transactions between India & Europe additional aspects must be considered like cultural & linguistic challenges. Our team knows all business related issues and understands diversity issues. This is why IndiaCC embraces all components into one service. Our M&A service covers all issues and aspects related to your buying or selling process. 

We reassure that clients' projects meet all legal requirements and do not disregard any legitimate aspects. Our experienced lawyers advice clients in all related legal fields, assist in preparing and reviewing all necessary documents and accompany clients during contract negotiations. Our team of legal experts advises you extensively well before your planned market entry. We cover employment law, investment and corporate law amongst other services.

Entering a new market involves a range of research processes and strategic considerations. Our team possesses precise information on market conditions of both nations and understands their differences, their weak and strong aspects. It enables us to provide clients with an accurate expansion strategy for the new economic area. Market entry services offer an elaborate fundament of information to proceed with further actions. Everything is conducted in the timeframe given by the client.

We understand the significance of highly skilled labour, since a company can only function as well as its personnel. This is why put an emphasis on high quality and extensive HR Consulting. Whether you are an individual looking for an opportunity in Germany or your company is entering the German market and searching for competent candidates to fill new vacancies: Our team of experts provides assistance throughout the recruitment process as well as afterwards, ensuring smooth integration.

Business Publications

Our Business Publications offer individuals interested in Indo-German topics a brief glance into selected topics. Conducted by our team of research experts, they provide insight into various relevant Indo-German business matters.

India Coaching & Consulting is a management business consultancy consisting of an internationally orientated team bridging the cultural and economic differences between India and Europe. Our competence and knowledge enables a smooth process of market establishment for the desired goods & services.